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The WIT E-Library Academic Resources

The Wessex Institute of Technology’s e-Library is the home to WIT Press and provides open access to over 30000 peer reviewed papers from the early 1990s to date. The WIT Press e-library hosts the archives for the published conference proceedings including edited works, specialized research monographs, and a number of journals. Through the e-library, the WIT Press can provide publishing services within and around the campus.

Open access

All WIT Press books and journals have been indexed in international databases and featured in notable publications and reviews. Additionally, all WIT Press published papers are cited by CrossRef. Visitors can access and download educational materials in the open access section with minimal restrictions. Alternatively, there is a pay per download access for PDFs unavailable via open access.


All WIT Press publications can be accessed online through the e-library. Interested scholars can access all the academic resources ranging from the State-of-the-Art in Science & Engineering publications, to the Institute’s prestigious international conferences. All books are categorised and archived in the American Library of Congress as well as the British Library. The content has been catalogued as per the key research areas in the e-library for easy navigation.

A Premier Institute Near A Pristine Park: Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is on a mission to train world-class academics in the sciences and serve as a bridge between theoreticians and professionals in the scientific community.

WIT offers students interested in many scientific subjects the opportunity to earn both Masters and Doctoral degrees. The specific areas of study taught at WIT include Information Communications Technology, Environmental Modeling and Fluid Mechanics, Damage Mechanics, and Industrial Research.

WIT is well adapted for the globalized age. They host a wide variety of famous international conferences year round. Their students have the chance to study at sister schools all across the globe. WIT’s most famous secondary branch is perhaps the American Office, which is located in Boston, MA.

For those interested in getting involved in publishing, WIT has a very strong publishing industry that is still providing the scientific community with many books and monographs. In our very exciting Internet age, WIT has had to adapt quickly. Faculty at WIT are busy scanning all of their works into the WIT eLibrary database for the benefit of academics and scientific professionals alike.

Wessex Institute of Technology has created a strong community of professionals in the scientific field over the years. Many of their PhD graduates have gone on to teach full time in prestigious universities all over the world.

WIT also has the distinction of handing out awards in the sciences. The most famous award WIT and the University of Siena hands out is probably the Prigogine Medal, which is named after the famous Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine. The handing out of this medal has become an annual event since 2004.

For students who love natural scenery, WIT has the greatest campus imaginable. Located in the south of England, WIT is right next to the famous New Forest National Park. This park has been unspoiled for centuries, and students can enjoy hiking, biking, and even horseback riding through this untouched setting. If, however, students at Wessex Institute of Technology prefer the city life, it is easy to get to London for a weekend getaway. London is about 100km away, or about a two-hour car ride on the M3.

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