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Mike Baur- Force Behind the Swiss Start Up Company

Mike Baur has an experience that spans two decades from working in the banking industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Swiss startup company. He quit his job in the banking industry to start out in investment, which led him to the path where he partnered with two other people to form this company. Mike brings on board a lot of experience especially with the specific Swiss industry. He also comes with an exclusive set of network.


The Swiss Start up factory was started with the aim of helping upcoming investors get financial resources and technology to help them excel. This makes it stands out as the leader of financing tech start ups.This company was launched in the beginning of 2015 and has a capacity to assist all companies not only startups. The financing from this company comes from the private investors as well as from the co-founders. The company works in such a way that the private investments go towards increasing company’s interest rate through its rapid development and growth.


This accelerator model works in such a way that it sources for potential digital entrepreneurs. When these individuals and their companies are identified, the company uses its networks and links in Swiss and beyond to afford the entrepreneurs opportunities. This program happens for three months and the entrepreneurs are given exciting opportunities for all the ninety days. What’s more, the Swiss startup company foots all the bills of the program.


Within these three months the company offers a range of services that includes mentoring, coaching and other business related services. The company also has an office in Zurich with all the necessary tools and mechanisms that will help aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs excel in what they do.


The aim of starting the company was to foster entrepreneurship skills among the Swiss population. The founders had strong convictions and passion for the same. The company is well known for employing a variety of business driven approaches, all of which are diverse but effective in ensuring successful operations.


Mike Baur has been able to see this through because of his vast experience in the business world. His unique management skill set has been able to see him steer the company towards success. In addition to this, passion has been able to see him invest his time and money resources towards the growth and success of Swiss Factory. He offers several other services to the company including Financial analysis as well as offering support to Swiss startup.


Changing People’s Lives Is A Core Philosophy Of Bob Reina’s


There may not be a bigger ambition anyone could have than to become their own boss and take their life in the direction they want, but that is what Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion aims to do with his business. Talk Fusion is a multilevel marketing company that started its brand by selling video email software, but they’ve come a long way from there to include a fully-featured video marketing suite. Talk Fusion sells their video marketing products to customers, and if those customers wish to, they can become Talk Fusion associates who can then resell the products to other people. This business model has worked well for Reina, but he doesn’t just give people business opportunities at Talk Fusion, he also gives away his own money to local charities and community action groups.


 Bob Reina has always been a driven individual whose passion is people, but he’s also an animal lover as well who owns dogs, and helps out at his local pet shelter. Reina’s goal to startup his own business started over 15 years ago when he decided to quit the police force. He wanted to start a career path that would bring him fulfillment and would help others do the same, so he got into direct selling. His Talk Fusion company got started about 4 years into the profession when he came up with a crazy idea to make videos into emails. It took a little for that project to materialize, but once it did he started selling the video email software to others.


Reina wanted to make his new Talk Fusion company into something special, so he expanded from video emails, to video newsletters, video chat, online meeting hosting, and now has a WebRTC recorder included in the software suite. Reina started up the associate program and independent sales agents then had the opportunity to earn rewards whenever they sold products. Now, Talk Fusion associates can give away an account to charities and non-profits as a way that they can change lives around the world.

The World Of Contemporary Artist Doe Deere

Art is an ever changing thing. Artists have often decided that the very definition of art is one that needs to refined constantly. Today’s artists choose to work in many different mediums. One contemporary artist who wants to show off her style is Doe Deere. Deere is someone who dreams in color. She is also someone who can take ordinary products like makeup and show how to use them to create exciting art. Her work in this field reaches deeply for meaning and often stretches the boundaries of what it means to be working artist in the world today. As a result of her work, she has become someone who is able to help people see the possibilities in makeup products. She has shown that color need not be subdued to make an impact. She is also someone who has helped show her customers see how they take her ideas and use them in their own lives. Read more:

Living Her Work

Like many other artists, Deere lives her own work. Her world is one in which color comes to the center and stays there. She offers a world in which an explosion of color is all around her. This is a pleasing vision that has helped her bring her company, Lime Crime, to the center of the world of art and the world of business at the same time. She frequently spends time thinking about best to make the world from drab to something that is alight with color all the time. Her own outfits reflect this quirky and appealing worldview. She dons several colors at the same time, allowing her to show that it is possible to pair red, yellow and purple at the same time and look great in the process.

A Company Of Her Own

Lime Crime, her company, allows Deere to demonstrate that art is something that all people can love and understand. The images she puts on the site are images that have been carefully created to show off that anyone can be part of the art world. Each image also brings forth her worldview where art is something that can help make the world a more beautiful place. She knows that her clients look to her to help bring art and fashion to a space where they can afford to purchase items that make it possible for them to personally participate in this larger world.

Follow Deere on Tumblr and @doedeere

Talk Fusion Continues to Rack up Major Awards

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you know that the only way to keep long term viability is by crafting an excellent product and getting it in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. Making the product is one thing but if you can’t get your marketing off of the ground then you’ll end up running your business right back to the ground in no time. That is why Bob Reina founded the company Talk Fusion back in 2007 and that is why it continues to grow into one of the largest marketing solutions on the internet.

CEO Bob Reina was looking for an application that could effectively market his business back in 2006 when he came to the realization that it didn’t exist. No email client at the time offered video embedded emails and he believed, through extensive research, that this was the future of successful marketing. So Bob Reina pulled together a team of talented developers and got to work crafting Talk Fusion.

This year Talk Fusion landed Communication Solution’s coveted Product of the Year award thanks to his concise and effective focus on media solutions for the internet. This award is among many that Talk Fusion has already racked up and they all stand out as glowing examples of why the company works so well. With all of their recent success it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see that Reina has opened up an extensive free trial period for interested companies.

Companies who have decided that they want to get their hands on the 30 day free trial need only an email and a few minutes to register under Talk Fusion. Once done they will be given access to Talk Fusion’s hyper effective video marketing solutions that aim to put your product in front of the eyes of people who will click through and give it a shot. Users will be given access to a compendium of information via documents that will help layout and detail an effective marketing campaign. Furthermore they will be given the video email and video chat programs that have proven so successful.