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Mike Baur- Force Behind the Swiss Start Up Company

Mike Baur has an experience that spans two decades from working in the banking industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Swiss startup company. He quit his job in the banking industry to start out in investment, which led him to the path where he partnered with two other people to form this company. Mike brings on board a lot of experience especially with the specific Swiss industry. He also comes with an exclusive set of network.


The Swiss Start up factory was started with the aim of helping upcoming investors get financial resources and technology to help them excel. This makes it stands out as the leader of financing tech start ups.This company was launched in the beginning of 2015 and has a capacity to assist all companies not only startups. The financing from this company comes from the private investors as well as from the co-founders. The company works in such a way that the private investments go towards increasing company’s interest rate through its rapid development and growth.


This accelerator model works in such a way that it sources for potential digital entrepreneurs. When these individuals and their companies are identified, the company uses its networks and links in Swiss and beyond to afford the entrepreneurs opportunities. This program happens for three months and the entrepreneurs are given exciting opportunities for all the ninety days. What’s more, the Swiss startup company foots all the bills of the program.


Within these three months the company offers a range of services that includes mentoring, coaching and other business related services. The company also has an office in Zurich with all the necessary tools and mechanisms that will help aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs excel in what they do.


The aim of starting the company was to foster entrepreneurship skills among the Swiss population. The founders had strong convictions and passion for the same. The company is well known for employing a variety of business driven approaches, all of which are diverse but effective in ensuring successful operations.


Mike Baur has been able to see this through because of his vast experience in the business world. His unique management skill set has been able to see him steer the company towards success. In addition to this, passion has been able to see him invest his time and money resources towards the growth and success of Swiss Factory. He offers several other services to the company including Financial analysis as well as offering support to Swiss startup.