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The WIT E-Library Academic Resources

The Wessex Institute of Technology’s e-Library is the home to WIT Press and provides open access to over 30000 peer reviewed papers from the early 1990s to date. The WIT Press e-library hosts the archives for the published conference proceedings including edited works, specialized research monographs, and a number of journals. Through the e-library, the WIT Press can provide publishing services within and around the campus.

Open access

All WIT Press books and journals have been indexed in international databases and featured in notable publications and reviews. Additionally, all WIT Press published papers are cited by CrossRef. Visitors can access and download educational materials in the open access section with minimal restrictions. Alternatively, there is a pay per download access for PDFs unavailable via open access.


All WIT Press publications can be accessed online through the e-library. Interested scholars can access all the academic resources ranging from the State-of-the-Art in Science & Engineering publications, to the Institute’s prestigious international conferences. All books are categorised and archived in the American Library of Congress as well as the British Library. The content has been catalogued as per the key research areas in the e-library for easy navigation.