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Marc Sparks the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a business expert, an author, a philanthropist and also a visionary entrepreneur, in fact, Marc is referred to as entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Marc has founded, owned and operated various successful organizations. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer and president of Timber Creek Capital Lp which he is the founder founded.

Mack has founded over a dozen start-ups which he had seen rise to success. He generally likes achieving and acquiring things that others think they can’t be done. He has built a track of good reputation by building companies and maintains a handful of portfolio companies in his own private equity firm. He establishes a business model and a company structure and culture by making both long and short term goals and growth plans of an enterprise.

Marc has extensive and significant experience in finance fields especially in insurance, investments banking areas, surety bonding and also premium finance. He has owned and managed property and casualty insurance firms, he also led a nationally recognized insurance agency as well as operating multi-location insurance agency.

Some of the companies founded and established by Marc includes International Fidelity Holding Corp, First Choice Underwriters, Great Southern General Agency Eagle Premium Finance Company, Eagle Claims Corp and international surety and casualty company just to mention a few among others.

Marc is certified by the Texas Department Insurance that allows him to own, hold and operate Texas property and casualty insurance company. He is also recognized and licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance to operate as a Local Recording Agent and also as a Managing General Agent since he is a holder of Texas Premium Finance License.

Away from business, Marc Sparks is also an active philanthropist. He has a deep passion for helping the less advantaged especially children and the homeless. He gives back to the community by supporting various charitable programs that are meant to improve the lifestyle of local inhabitants and across the world.

Since the establishment of Sparky kids, Marc has supplied over a thousand computers to children where his objective is to help the kids break the lineage and cycle of poverty. He is also a supporter of America Can Academy and has also ventured into building dozens of homes for the homeless.

They can’t eat you, is currently the book Marc is writing to help reach out to various individuals and inspire them. In the book, marc shares everything including his background, unsuccessful ventures, and a painful past. He says his book is for those entrepreneurs who are giving up and can’t seem to achieve their goals and dreams.